This just in! Sony, with the assistance of the German police force have just raided Graf’s house and took all of his PCs and anything related to PS3 Hacking! This is a dark day in the world of free thinking!

This is a new low for Sony, who has already sued, sent more DMCA takedown notice’s than anyone knows what to do with, and banned more consoles than I can count…has gone that extra low step and started the overseas battle…Mathieulh I don’t know how safe you are anymore…This proves Sony has it’s hands in some pretty big cookie jars.

There is a tiny little sight of light in this situation. As Graf has promised, he has released all of HV reversing documentation. To protect myself from Sony’s hammer, I won’t post the actual links or filenames…but they are out there, be sure of this!

Sony, you REALLY are making us regret ever buying your console and supporting you as a company!